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Northside Clocks was established in 1954 and is one of the most unique businesses in Tennessee.

Howell B. Rust is the owner and a third generation Horologist. We have been repairing and restoring all types of clocks; Antique and New for the last 59 years.

Located at 1654 McArthur Street, Manchester Tennessee you will find the walls, shelves, and showroom are filled with over 600 clocks from around the world and through the ages. As you stroll through you will hear clocks striking, chiming, going cuckoo, and playing music at every turn. No two clocks are set the same, so it is really a place where it is whatever "time" you want it to be!

Northside Clocks makes house calls to repair Grandfather Clocks as far as Georgia, Kentucky and Alabama.

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Chalet style. 1-day rack strike movement. Wooden cuckoo, dial with roman numerals and hands. Girl with geese and dog. Cuckoo calls and strikes every half and full hour. Shut-off lever on left side of case silences strike, call and music. Made from wood. Antique finish. Made in Germany. 7.3 in. W x 5.9 in. D x 7.8 in. H (4 lbs.). Care Instructions.

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Mornington Wall Clock w Cable-Driven Movement in French Walnut

Mornington Wall Clock w Cable-Driven...

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Fine solid wood case made of French walnut with inlays. Bevelled glass in front door. Glass side panels and drawer. Nickel-plated bezel and pendulum. Featuring the Hermle cable-driven movement W0058 with its delicate pulleys and weights. Lavish dial with day, date and month indicator. Classical moon phase. 8-Day mechanical cable-driven coil gong movement. Pendulum. Graham anchor. Automatic beat adjustment. Half hour strike. Silencing lever. 8.63 in. W x 4.5 in. D x 30.88 in. H. This cable-driven regulator in walnut, combines the elegance of classic timepieces with the craftsmanship of a modern day case and movement. Featuring the Hermle cable-driven movement W0058 with its delicate pulleys and weights, this model represents a fine example of state-of-the-art wall clock design.
Cuckoo Clock Black forest house, turning mill-wheel

Cuckoo Clock Black forest house, turning...

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Colour: Walnut Wooden dial, wooden hands, wooden bird, and night shut off 2 years product warranty The cuckoo calls every half hour once and the number of the hours every full hour. This cuckoo clock has an exclusive life-like wooden handpainted cuckoo. With certificate of authenticity from the Black Forest Clock Association (VdS). It has a mechanical extreme long-life rack strike movement. It allows turning the hands left and right without endangering the mechanics of the movement. The 1 day running time movement need to be wind up every day, that means you pull on the chains until the weights are up. The music box is from the marketleader REUGE in switzerland. The size refers only to the clock, without pendulum and weights.

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Factory Authorized Dealer

As a Factory Authorized Dealer, manufacturer warranties are included with purchases. As an authorized repair service center, we attract customers from around the country to repair major brands such as Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Bulova, and Hermle. We also specialize in all types of American, European, wooden works, and Schneider Cuckoo clocks.

Authorized Dealer

Visit a supplier web site and make note of which clock and model number, contact or call 931-728-4307 for best competitive pricing...

We sell the full line of Howard Miller, Hermle,& Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks. This collection can be viewed by clicking one of the off-site links below..

NorthSide Clocks carries wall and mantle clocks from Howard Miller, Hermle, Bulova, Ridgeway, and Others. Click the off-site links below to begin browsing from these suppliers.

We also carry the full line of cuckoo clocks from Anton Schneider of Germany,quality Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks since 1848. We are proud to be a warranty and service center in the U.S. for Anton Schneider. Click the off-site link below to view this collection.

Fascinating is the word most people use when describing Rhythm's selection of Magic Motion Clocks. As the Magic Motion Clocks come to life they will become the center of attention and topic of conversation for years to come. Click the off-site link below to view this collection.


"We bought a beautiful antique clock here. Everyone was so nice & helpful . Would highly recommend!"
- April-Tim King